Aug. 2008

Haeundae is a real-time video transmitted from Haeundae Beach in Busan. The live image of the beach was displayed on COMO of SK T-Tower in Seoul during the exhibition. Haeundae is located at the south-eastern end of Korean peninsula and it is the most popular Summer vacation spot in the country. COMO is strips of LED displays in the interior and exterior of SK T-Tower, and it functions as a public art space. Art Center Nabi managing exhibitions of COMO commissioned me to create a work for the summer season exhibition in 2008.

I installed a network camera at the rooftop of The Westin Chosun Busan, a hotel at the west end of Haeundae Beach. The camera was programmed to change its direction and zoom with time. I also manually controlled the camera through the internet to show my favorite scenes of the moment during the exhibition period. I had consistently observed the beach through the camera and I became fascinated by the beauties of the place: colors of sunrises and sunsets, light particles on breaking waves under the morning sun, elegant clouds and a huge moonlight reflection in the water.

I compare this work with traditional photography. If we take a photo of a person, the person of the moment is crystallized and fixed. The real person and the person in a photograph exist in different moment as time passes. We can see the past through a photograph because it refracts time. 'Haeundae' refract not time but space. The actual Haeundae, the transmitted image of Haeundae and audiences are in the same moment, the present.

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